Bread Adventures!

Bread Adventures!

Hi guys! So I haven’t been exploring and experimenting in the kitchen in a while. So yesterday I took it upon myself to go in there and make some bread! To start off let me just tell you that making bread is probably the hardest thing EVER. And I don’t mean like sweet breads (donuts, cakes, cupcakes) I mean real soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside-bread.

Ive attempted this about two-three times… There was one bread that came out almost perfect but I didn’t write down the recipe!! =(

I was finally able to gather up my courage and try again. SO theres this savory bread they used to make at my husbands work (he works in a temple cafeteria and they serve bomb food, not enough staff and volunteers had caused them to discontinue this delicious bread.) and it was probably one of my favorite things there. It was like twisty bread (nice and big) mixed with black olives, tomato, onion, ham, bacon, and idk what the heck else. So I looked for a reggae bread recipe and looked in my fridge to see what ingredients I had and attempted to make a pull-apart savory bread.

Here are my results…….brace yourselves lol

I guess its not bad…. right? WRONG!

jk, it tasted pretty good but the bread didn’t even rise! So it was all yeasty in the middle and crunchy on the outside. *sigh*

Ill admit, Im very impatient when it comes to following recipes and letting bread rise so I try to look for recipes that either down require yeast or where I only need 20 min to let it rise. I did leave it out before adding the savory stuff but I guess I should have put the stuff first and then let it rise?


Anyway here’s the recipe I did…

Let me know if you have an easy bread recipe I could try!

I might just buy this book……

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.”

– Chef Auguste Gusteau