Turkey DAY!! 🦃

YAY! Thanksgiving is here!!Family, fun times and FOOOD!!  I think the food is probably everyones favorite part of thanksgiving, especially since there’s always enough to last you for days. I know that’s one of my favorite parts about hosting Thanksgiving at my parents house, we got all the leftovers =)In my family, I’m sure like […]

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Love, service and gratitude

Its that time of year again when everyone starts to feel the holiday spirit. We hear the christmas songs at the stores and on the radio. We start feeling a sense of gratitude for everything around us, life is great and theres so much to be thankful for. Too bad those feelings go away January […]

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Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

In  January of 2013, only 4 months after getting married, my husband and I got our own donut franchise in the San Fernando Valley. From the first day that we were offered the place my husband and dad were super on board, I was definitely NOT. I watched my dad struggle a lot with the […]

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How I learned to love better

Being married this young, in this country and in these times is quite challenging. We see and hear of people breaking off their marriages left and right starting with couples in the public eye. A lot of people our age grew up with one parent or step parents and a few lucky ones with both […]

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Avengers Assemble!

This year Marvel came out with what was probably the biggest movie of all time (so far) and my husband and I were beyond excited for the premiere. As you may know by now I absolutely love love love all things Disney and my husband is a super Marvel fan. He gets excited over every […]

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LA to Seoul

Last year in November my sister told us she would be going to South Korea for a little while. It came as a shock to all of us but knew it was a good opportunity for her to learn and grow.  All three of my sisters, my mom and myself got plane tickets to go […]

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