From SoCal to UTAH??

About a month ago my husband and I moved to Utah. It was due to my husbands work and obviously when he first gave me the news I was not happy. Initially for about the first month after he told me we would be moving to Utah I couldn’t even bare the thought of living […]

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California Love

So Lancaster,CA…Many people don’t know where the heck that is and those who know probably don’t want to have anything to do with it. -_- Its a growing city north of Los Angeles county. Its literally at the border of Kern and Los Angeles county. Growing up there back in the 90’s was very relaxed […]

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The missing Link

So as some might have read My husband and I don’t have any children, YET. We do however have a doggy whom we (mostly I) consider our child. He was a gift to me from my husband for our 6 year boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary. 😛 I had always wanted a dog but my husband was always […]

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6 years and counting…..

On September 27th it’s my 6 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how fast and long it feels. 😀 I always joke around and say it feels like 20 years. Every year my husband and I plan something special for our anniversary. I never really saw my parents celebrate theirs growing up and to be […]

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PCOS ???

Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS. At the time I was 19 so when I was told I had a hormonal imbalance and if not treated then I could risk becoming infertile It wasn’t that big of a deal. For a long time after having had broken it […]

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When we all thought the world was going to end, mine was just beginning. This is the year that I and the man who swept me off my feet waited 1 long year for. For some a year may seem like a short amount of time but that’s nothing when you hear we only dated […]

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Hello World!

Thanks for joining me! I created this blog to simply share all my life adventures! 1990 born & raised in Lancaster,CA Married Loves all things Disney!! the MCU is where I wish I could be ;P PCOS, tough but won’t stop me. FOOD! Photography is a beautiful thing (all photos in posts are mine! unless […]

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