What are you watching?

What are you watching?

So it’s apparent I am drawing blanks on deep, informative and motivational material because I’ve written two post and now I don’t know what to do, so let’s talk about what we’re watching on our streaming services shall we? Also, I’m bored and my husband went to go watch Avengers Endgame for the third time with his buddy so I need to keep myself busy for a few hours…

Since moving here I have definitely watch way more TV and spend more TV time. I have also been the most productive I’ve been in a while so I don’t know what that say about what I used to and how I used to manage my time.

Anyway, Since moving here there are a few shows I binge watched and rewatched Those include; The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Modern Family, Queer Eye, The Final Table (both Netflix originals) and The Act (on Hulu), among a couple Netflix original teen movies.

I am not much of a TV person and I really don’t like starting new shows because more than likely I won’t be able to stop until its over. For all these shows I really enjoyed because I wasn’t super eager to see how it ended. The Act was the perfect thriller/crime show for me because I knew exactly how it would end. I am not very patient with shows that have a villain who will inevitably get what they have coming for them, I need to know and see karma take effect so I can be in piece, but I cannot wait until the end of the show to see that happen so I avoid them and just read the synapsis.

I do enjoy family and comedy shows. New girl was the new-old show I watched this year. My sister and friends would reference it sometimes and would alway tell me I needed to watch it, based on the shows I already watched they were certain I would like it. Well, they weren’t wrong, I started rewatching it again this month, HA!

The final table was super cool because each episode focused on ONE country and its cuisine. They featured special guest judges from each country, all of them being either celebrities or food critics. So I really liked that and I learned a lot about countries foods and delicacies.

The Office and Parks and Rec. are my go-to’s along with How I Met Your Mother, for when im feeling like a pick me up or having something on that I need not focus on cause Ive seen it a bunch of times anyway. New Girl has made the cut too so good for them. 😉

Modern Family is fun and I love the characters but I don’t think its a show Ill rewatch. Maybe a few episodes I really liked but it isn’t in my go-to list. Still a great show.

Queer eye is also a great show and my husband has learned a lot from Mr. Tan France and his clothing expertise. 😉 He totally Tan Franced a guy at H&M who asked him and our other friend for some help picking out clothes because I guess he like how they were dressed (even though it was gym clothes) and my husband was ready and totally french tucked the guy and put a denim jacket on him and that man called his wife and rocked that tuck the rest of his stroll around the store. It was super cute to watch hahaha.

Unfortunately I am not a GOT fan, I have seen like 20 minutes of the first episode and I was like “Thank you, next.” Its really too much for me and Im sure its amazing but at this point I am not interested and I really don’t have time to catch up. I do like to keep updated with the main events thanks to my friend who kinda tells me what’s going on but remembers I have absolutely so idea what he’s talking about. haha, same with Star Wars, never seen any and I don’t think I ever will. (never say never, I think I just jinxed myself.) Again, Im sure they’re amazing and if I didn’t believe it then I definitely believe now that Disneyland is opening a whole world based on the franchise. So congrats to them for that.

Other shows I know are super popular but I don’t watch are Stranger things and Orange is the new black. Ill confess that I did watch the last season of OITNB but I don’t think ill watch the next one. Again, it was too much for me, made me too sad and anxious and upset. I really don’t like feeling that way after a show.

Besides watching TV I also started playing some video games with my friends and sister. The only TWO I play are Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight (hahaha) So im not much of a gamer but those are suer fun. Utah has made me the TV junkie I never knew I could be, (ha). Still its good to enjoy those little things but in moderation. =)

Whats your fave shows? Is there a feel good show you guys recommend?