Light the world

Light the world

 So tis the season to feel the love and spirit of giving. I know that this is something we should be doing and feeling everyday but lets be honest, we live in a crazy world where everyone has crazy busy lives, even if they don’t work. Most people are preoccupied trying to figure life out and yes once in a while we try to do a good deed and give to others. But when this season comes, we’re more susceptible to the spirit of giving. I know many people don’t like to be cliche and do extra good deeds during xmas season, but I say its better to be cliché and take this opportunity to do as much good as we can and even if it only last for four weeks, its better than nothing. 

Every year for the past three years, my church has released an initiation called “light the world” The first year it was about doing one service everyday, whether it was within your community, home or extending a hand to help someone in a totally different country. Last year, each day and deed coincided with a scripture from the bible, this year they are trying something new. 

They have a theme for each week or more of a target and have suggestions of what you can do during that week. Because we are human and may be overwhelmed with doing one thing every day, they made it so we can choose what to do and when to do it. This initiative  is open to everyone, no matter what religion you are. By participating in it you are in no way supporting or affiliating yourself with the church, so don’t be afraid. It literally just a way to help people find ways to give this holiday season. 

I know that we all, by nature, need to serve others. It’s what brings us the most joy and sense of fulfillment. The church who started this initiative is a christian church, but whether you follow his teachings or not, its still fun to reach out and share the love with others. Like I said its open for everyone and if something may not coincide with your beliefs then you can just toss that idea out. 

Since there is a different theme each week I will post about each week and ways you can help spread your light to the world!

This week its “Light the World” and you need to focus on ways you can serve those in need globally. 

You can help someone around the world through a charitable donation

learn about problems in another country and how you may be able to help

sacrifice the cost of your fave meal and feed someone in need. 

donate any old stuff to a charity group. 

The ideas are endless. 

I will attach a calendar that you can use to track your service as well as websites you can use as resources to help you become a great humanitarian not just this season but every season of the year. 

Light the world          

This website is way cool and you should use it!! 


“As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf