Handy Dandy Notebook

Handy Dandy Notebook

Hello again!! So as you may have noticed from my previous post, Im starting to try and be officially legit. =P

I know I seem like the type who’s all talk and no show, but that’s one thing I am trying not to be. Theres been a couple things I’ve been trying to be diligent in since last month to help me on my journey of becoming a better me and a more focus and successful me. Before I started doing these there was something I needed to be clear on, and that was ‘what the heck should I be doing while I wait to know what my next move is?’ and my answer was pretty clear: work towards it. Our next move is never something that just comes to you by sitting around meditating. It comes from you continuing to work, writing stuff down, reading books, listening to podcast and things that enhance our understanding of things and give us a boost towards our next step.

So the first thing I started doing was keeping a daily calendar/ budget journal.

In this notebook I write (everyday) my to-do list for the day, my weekly do to-list, and the things i need to get done by the end of the month. Also, its not really a “to-do” list its a daily/weekly/monthly goal journal.

So crafty huh? ;P

Everyday I write my daily schedule, it usually looks the same, I add random errands. Then I go back to the previous day and check off the things I actually got done and cross of and put a sad face on the things I didn’t. Even with things that I know I might Not have time to do or be able to do that day I put them down anyway as a reminder that its something that needs to happen and as motivation. I don’t give myself a super hard time for not finishing a daily goal because you know what?…. Im human. So don’t stress too much if you go a whole week without reading and whatever it is, but never stop putting it in your goals, because then you’ve just given up. The Two things I usually forget to do or don’t feel inspired to do at times is read and write, sooo it’s ok. Im writing right now =)

When I say read I have two specific things im reading the first is my scriptures and home study stuff and the second is any self development book that I own and haven’t read. This month Im reading The 47 Principals of Financial Finess by Chris Brady and Owen Woodward. Ive only read two books so far that have helped me beyond what I can even be grateful for and the next three are the current one I’m reading and I’ll into The and the Elephant and third will be How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The other thing I added to my journal was my monthly expenses and budgeting analysis. Ive heard and read time and time again that it takes a good 3-6 months to get the whole budgeting thing down and I believe it. First of all its super confusing at timeS because you think you got it down, but unless you have a nice chunk of passive income coming your way (passive income is money you make while not physically working, so like maybe you have a business that you don’t have to go to and its making money for you, thats passive income.) or you just inherited loads of money and don’t need to worry about. But when you have a set amount that comes in and need to budget yourself within those means then it gets a little tricky.

This comes easy to some people but for people like me I need to spend some time on it and work on getting a good, consistent and disciplined budget. so this is what I’m doing to try and figure out how much we spend a month (roughly) and that way I can see how much more income needs to come in or what we can do to spend less on something we may not need and be more disciplined. I know we have tried this before and we were doing pretty good. I grew up with some family and friends who Like to splurge a lot and have more than enough for their needs so whenever I couldn’t do something Id say its because there’s no money but it was because there was money but that money was for something else (discipline) and I admit there were times when there was no money because there really was NO money. So we are trying to figure our finances out.

What I do in my journal is I write our monthly bills, this is fixed bills that go through every month like rent, streaming services, internet, gym memberships, mortgage payment (we pay rent and a mortgage, luckily our home is rented so it pays for itself…still we’re at risk if they ever decide to leave before we sell.) From this stuff I know what we can get rid of if we ever have to, like our wifi, streaming subcriptions and gym memberships. Then I have budgeted expenses, this is our groceries, personal allowances and date money. I also add any trips we have planned (like this month we have a CA wedding trip coming up) and I budget how much we would spend on gas and food, as well as gifts.

Lastly (but the thing I pay first) is tithing. This is a personal expense for everyone and its mainly based on faith and belief that giving is an act of charity and fills us with a sense of abundance and makes us less attached to our money so we use it more consciously (not in a greedy way) but in an efficient way. (Greediness usually leads to over spending, from what I’ve seen.)

So this is my little thing I’m doing to help put things into perspective and give myself some organization. Im very excited to see what happens with both my journal stuff and my reading. You guys are invited to try this and see if maybe creating a daily goal journal will help you finally get started on those projects you’ve been wanting to do, or apply for that job, or try that new thing. I don’t know what it could be but we all have something we want and need to get done before the end of the year. So read and write to get your motor going!

“Today is a good day to try.” — Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)