Ending with a bang.

Ending with a bang.

This year has been one of the most unpredictable years I have experienced. When it comes to surprises I am not the best suited person to receive them, unless its s surprise bday party or trip to Disneyland. I started out the year without any real goals or plans, just to keep living my life and hope for it to get better. To be honest there are two things I remember happening last year, the first was my cousins wedding at the beginning and the second one was me moving to another state over the summer. I don’t remember much of the in between. Im sure a lot of great things happened, but those two were definitely the highlights of the year.

As far as how it went with the whole family coming over for the holidays, well it was AWESOME. Everyone who visited from CA got to see fluffy snow and spend some time in it. We all gathered at my in-laws home and yes we were able to work it out and fit everyone and play our white elephant game. Xmas day we all went to par city to play with the snow, since it didn’t snow where we live. We went to olympic park and then walked down main street in Park City. Afterward we all met up in Salt Lake at Temple square to look at the xmas light and to take one of the best family pictures I have ever seen. =)

After everyone left, the two people who stayed were my sister, who moved in with us, and my bff and his husky who’s my dogs bff. We spent the rest of the week playing video games and board games and pigging out. We definitely took this vacation time seriously. We also worked really hard to build a snowman with powdery snow. It was a little had at first because the snow would get stuck to out gloves, thankfully we found a random shovel and used that to pat it down and make it as sturdy as we could. My sister and I attempted to use out bare hands but regretted that decision almost instantly when we touched the ice cold snow and felt our hands get so numb they started to hurt. We though our fingers were going to fall off. 😂

For New Years Eve, we didn’t really make any plans to go anywhere so we stayed home and hung out, invited the neighbors to play games and went to the mall close by to see the fireworks to end the year with a bang. (Literally)

Not sure what my new years resolutions are yet, but I think that something I will try to figure out this week.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Light your faith!!

Light your faith!!

Last week!

Mini post.

Light your faith, whatever your beliefs are, nourish them.

Read the scriptures, attend worship meetings, provide service through your church or organizations. Go to your temples, or other places where sacred ordinances are done.

pray, do, and love.

Spread the spirit of goodness and charity.

Christmas Time!!

Christmas Time!!

Its finally here!! One of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Besides your birthday, Christmas is usually the most popular holiday for many reasons. Lots of food, presents, traditions and not to mention much needed and cherished family time.

Last year I was not able to spend Christmas with my parents, sisters and cousins. It was the second time I spent it away from them and I was pretty bummed out. We always have loads of fun because there is always so many of us and we play games, tell stories and dance!

When I moved out of state I knew the holidays were going to be the hardest part. Fortunately we were able to drive back home for thanksgiving. Its about a ten hour drive and we have a great dane that we need to always find a dog sitter for, so its not something we can do all the time.

We had originally planned to spend xmas with my mother-in-law in her apartment since it was going to be just us three. So we didn’t need much space. After our trip to CA for thanksgiving my parents had told me they were going to try to come to UT for xmas but didn’t think it was very likely. Then my sister-in-law also said she might come after we told her we would be at her moms place.

Once we got back from UT both families confirmed they would be coming and one of aunts also texted me telling me they would be coming too! I was super excited! We were not able to change the venue due to some family members being very much allergic to dogs and my dog is all over the house so it would not be ideal for them to be around. So now my sweet mother-in-law is having a full house and I’m kind of interested to see how 18 people are going to fit in her small apartment. I hope we don’t break the floor! It sounds like it would be a funny story to tell but Id rather leave it as a joke. ;P

In our families, and most latino families we our dinner and celebrations on the 24th. The 25th is usually a recoup day and we have left overs and go do a recreational activity (at least the Aragon family). Growing up we’d almost always go to the mountains and see the snow. In CA that’s probably the only place you’ll ever see snow, and mountain snow there is pretty much very fine and crunchy ice.

Most families have their own traditional dinner they eat at xmas. For example in the Mexican culture it very common to eat tamales, but in my family my mom always makes pierna (leg). It a whole pork leg and i have no idea what she seasons it with but its heavenly. We also make frijoles charros (beans, pork rinds, chorizo, and other deliciousness) and ponche (hot fruity drink), along with other sides.

My husbands family is from Dominican Republic and they also have their own version of tamales called ‘pastel en hola’ which is also in the same form as a tamale BUT it is not the same. Pastel en hola is made with plantains as the ‘masa’ and filled with ground beef, and they eat it with ketchup and mayo. If you’re not used to it it might taste a little strange at first, especially is youre used to tamales. They are good though, once you eat one and get used to it its very yummy!

Like I had mentioned before though, each family has their own food. His family grew up having pollo relleno, which is a deboned chicken stuffed with ham, cheese, and veggies. As well as moro con guandules, which is a type of rice. (you can google it).

So im sure youre wondering, if both families are going to be together this year does that mean we get to eat both dinners? The answer is; YES MA’AM!!

So if you guys don’t hear from me for a while, its probably because Im in a food coma.

What are some must haves at your family xmas dinner??

Some Tamales from xmas mountain trip about two/three years ago.

MERRY Christmas!! Feliz Navidad!! Happy Holidays!! ❤
Light your family

Light your family

It’s been such a crazy week. With the holidays coming up, I’ve been all over the place getting last minute gifts, cleaning even inch of my house little by little and getting ready to receive all my visitors traveling from CA to UT.

It’s not enough to say how grateful I am to be able to spend Christmas with the people I love most. And also I am super psyched they are taking the time to come visit me!

My family has and will always be the most important thing to me. I love each and every one of them.

With this weeks focus on lighting your family, I’m excited to be able to spend time with them in person to be able to show them how much I appreciate them.

This week take the time to show your family how much you care about them. Send them a text, call them, write them a letter or email. Help you parents around the house. Visit your cousin that you haven’t seen in a while. Sit down and have a conversation with your sibling, without looking down at your phone the whole time.

Take time to show you loved ones how much they mean to you, and encourage them to do the same.

Light your community

Light your community

This week is all about lighting your community.  

There are always volunteer opportunities to help you neighborhood or community in some way. You can go to justserve.org to find opportunities near you. 

There may be food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals and orphanages you can go visit. 

There can also be service projects. For example, I put in the zip code from my home town in CA and there was painting project, granite cleaning, and helping sack homeless lunches. 

Other maples may be toy drives or any kind of drive. Especially with the holidays coming up, there will be a lot of organizations asking for toys, clothes, hygiene kits for people in need. 

Where I live there is a family who is doing a to drive to take to needy children in Juarez, Mexico. Its amazing what people are capable of doing when they have the means to. 

Even if you didn’t help the world in some way last week, that’s ok! try something this week to light your community. If you want to light the world thats ok too! 

Please share anything you have done or will do to serve this week. =) 

Light the world

Light the world

 So tis the season to feel the love and spirit of giving. I know that this is something we should be doing and feeling everyday but lets be honest, we live in a crazy world where everyone has crazy busy lives, even if they don’t work. Most people are preoccupied trying to figure life out and yes once in a while we try to do a good deed and give to others. But when this season comes, we’re more susceptible to the spirit of giving. I know many people don’t like to be cliche and do extra good deeds during xmas season, but I say its better to be cliché and take this opportunity to do as much good as we can and even if it only last for four weeks, its better than nothing. 

Every year for the past three years, my church has released an initiation called “light the world” The first year it was about doing one service everyday, whether it was within your community, home or extending a hand to help someone in a totally different country. Last year, each day and deed coincided with a scripture from the bible, this year they are trying something new. 

They have a theme for each week or more of a target and have suggestions of what you can do during that week. Because we are human and may be overwhelmed with doing one thing every day, they made it so we can choose what to do and when to do it. This initiative  is open to everyone, no matter what religion you are. By participating in it you are in no way supporting or affiliating yourself with the church, so don’t be afraid. It literally just a way to help people find ways to give this holiday season. 

I know that we all, by nature, need to serve others. It’s what brings us the most joy and sense of fulfillment. The church who started this initiative is a christian church, but whether you follow his teachings or not, its still fun to reach out and share the love with others. Like I said its open for everyone and if something may not coincide with your beliefs then you can just toss that idea out. 

Since there is a different theme each week I will post about each week and ways you can help spread your light to the world!

This week its “Light the World” and you need to focus on ways you can serve those in need globally. 

You can help someone around the world through a charitable donation

learn about problems in another country and how you may be able to help

sacrifice the cost of your fave meal and feed someone in need. 

donate any old stuff to a charity group. 

The ideas are endless. 

I will attach a calendar that you can use to track your service as well as websites you can use as resources to help you become a great humanitarian not just this season but every season of the year. 

Light the world          

This website is way cool and you should use it!! 


“As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Recoup…. for now

Recoup…. for now

Thanksgiving is over. ☹️

But now comes the time to bring out those Xmas trees, lights and begin the gift wrapping.

This turkey day I was able to go visit my family in California and on our way back we visited some friends, including our neighbors.

Two of three people we visited has their Christmas three up and almost ready to go. 🎄

It’s usually custom here in the states for people to bring out the tree the day after thanksgiving and start decorating it as a family. I know there are others who have it out the day after Halloween so I don’t think the thanksgiving people are getting already of themselves.

Since it’s only been my husband and I for the past six years we only got a Xmas tree the first year we were married and haven’t since. I have been thinking though that maybe it’s time to start some sort of tradition that is special to us.

Maybe this year we’ll get a baby tree or something to initiate the start of this wonderful holiday.

What’s some Xmas traditions you guys have or would like to start??