Road Trip!

Road Trip!

So about two years ago my husband and I along with some friends decided to take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky.

The only thing is that we couldn’t fly there for a free reasons, the first was because we had a friend with us who couldn’t fly and second it was mega expensive!

I don’t know why in the U.S. we can’t have cheaper domestic flights. =(

Anyway, we had to take a whole week off work and had to be very diligent with how many stops we made in order for us to be able to go and come back in a timely matter.

We left wednesday like around 11pm from our home in Lancaster, California. We packed on gas, snacks and I made sure to download plenty of good music.

On our way there we had to pick up some friends who got stranded in vegas, so we took a different route then the one the GPS wanted us to take.

We drove non-stop for more than 30 hours. And only my husband and I took turns driving. We each took shifts of 12 hours and one last shift of 3-4 hours each.

It was very exhausting, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

On the way there we drove passed Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and finally made it to Kentucky. Not sure if we made it pass Indiana.

The only states we saw during the day were Utah, Colorado, and Missouri, I think Illinois but I don’t remember much about that. All I can say is that its true when people say Colorado is beautiful! Its mega GREEN!

We didn’t have time to make pit stops, but we definitely made a stop in Colorado. The view of the mountains was completely breath taking. I mean, Ive been living in Utah where there’s lots of mountains everywhere and its very pretty to look at, but this was some other chizz.

Once we made it to Kentucky, all I knew was that I wanted to try the local food. Unfortunately we were on a budget and a time limit so when we got there we ate some McDonalds real quick and got ready for the three day convention we went for.

On the last day we said we’d go to some place that didn’t exits in California, so on one of the gas station stops we spotted a place called Bojangles. We went in and right away the smell of chicken and all the flavors of all the food made out tummy growl like the beast just saw beauty in a bathing suit. lol

We each ordered a meal with fried chicken and two side, or as they say over there “fixin’s”. That chicken made KFC an Popeyes looks like amateur hours. I felt cheated. lol Why don’t we have a Bojangles on the west coast?

anyway, I think we might take a trip some time in the near future to see what other deliciousness we’re missing out on.

On the way back we went through another route. We drove passes Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and back to our beloved golden state.

On they way we had to make a put stop at the Grand Canyon, which neither of us had ever been to. So an hour detour didn’t seem that bad.

In total we were on the road for about 65 hours and got pulled over like 5 times but luckily NO TICKETS! The officers had mercy on us for being out of town.

Im so glad we took this trip, even though it was a looooong drive, it was awesome. Now I feel like I just get in my car and drove across the country in two days like nothing. =)

There were more pictures I took via Snapchat but didn’t save them all! =(

Good thing our brain remembers all the amazing-ness it sees!

Valentines Day ❤️

Valentines Day ❤️

Its that time of year again, whether you’re spending it with someone special or going solo, its a holiday that brings great emotion and expectations.

If you’re single its usually a day that you sit at home thinking either about how sad your single life is, posting stuff on snap chat and facebook about how you’re so happy you’re single (if you’re posting stuff about how happy you are being alone, then trust me you’re not fooling anyone). OR you legit are grateful you don’t have to spend any money on anyone and go about your day as usual or treat yourself to a nice dinner or sweet treat.

If you’re dating, you guys probably made some really nice plans to go out to dinner at a place that has had v-day reservations for months, or maybe a nice romantic home cooked meal.

If you’re married then it can go either way, really mega nice plans or maybe eat lunch somewhere and go home and spend an evening watching TV. One thing I learned was that once you’re married, Valentines day is like any other day, it can be made special by exchanging some small gifts or maybe going on a date. Usually though, the fancy restaurants and romantic evenings are more of a newly-wed or young couples game. (Not that we’re not young).

To be honest, we do give each other things on valentines day but we don’t really make plans for any kind of dinner date. I mostly remember a few valentines. The first one is the very first valentines day we spent alone, when we moved out my Lancaster to Northridge. My husband wanted to surprise me, he took me to pick up a pizza and when we got home we opened the box to find a weirdly shaped hawaiian pizza. He had preordered a pizza and asked the bakers to make it into a heart shape. From the looks of the pizza I’d say those guys had never seen a heart in their life. 😂 But I loved the though behind it, and even though it made us a little sick, because they had made it earlier that day and was probably sitting there for a good while, it was sweet of him. =)

Another Valentines day was when we decided to wing it, I think it might have been one of our first v-day together. We went to a restaurant named Claim Jumper, right by the mall. We went pretty early and there weren’t many people in the parking so we thought we had it made. Once we went inside and told them it was just the two of us the greeter told us it was a 2-3 hour wait. I was surprised because I didn’t see many people waiting, but she explained that they had reservations coming in and if we wanted a table we’d have to wait. So naturally we left. We did think about it for a minute and my husband said he’d wait if I really wanted to eat there. I was starting to get a little hungry so we went to the next place. Same story, I then just called up the restaurants closes to us and every single one had long wait times and full reservations.

After driving around and feeling a little hangry, we found a Hawaiian BBQ place and saw no lines. We went inside and ordered. It was probably one of my fave V-day dinners. =) Second to the food poisoning pizza. lol

This last V-day I don’t remember what we did, but I do remember he gave me a card and some roses (which Ive said he should stop giving me real flowers because I kill them all). I do appreciate them though and he still does bring me some once in a blue moon. I think this last one was also the one where I printed a Zelda card, because I branded him with Zelda things and now most things he gets are Zelda related (or spider-man) 😉

As far as this years Valentines day, in a new state, with a new life , I can’t say what we have planned. I can tell you this, whatever we do, I know we will do it with love and keeping each other in mind.

I hope you guys all have a great Valentines day and whatever you do, its out of love and not vanity. Picnic dates with home made stuff is sometimes more meaning full (and delicious…and CHEAP) than eating at a fancy place. BUT if thats your thing, to treat yourself and SO to a fancy expensive diner than GO FOR IT! What matters is that you show each other love.

ALSO V-day doesn’t have to be about your SO only, go out with friends and family, take this opportunity to show them how much you love them too.

Happy Valentines Day!!

“Some people are worth melting for.” — Frozen

I’m Back!

I’m Back!

Sorry that I have not been very diligent with my posting.

I know theres only like 4 of your that read my blog anyway, but regardless, I promised myself that I would be more responsible and diligent with the things I do this year.

I said I’d post every Monday and thats what I’ll do. =)

Its been a hectic few months with the holidays, bdays, and finishing my book to get it published.

I will continue to work on my books and make sure I become the best I can be with the things I set myself to do, starting with this blog.

Its my outlet to express myself and hopefully be able to be a means to network with others. I hope every single one of your are able to set yourself your personal goals this year to be the best version of you.



Hello wordpress peeps!!

So I had my book launch last night and it went pretty well if you ask me. 😉

I was able to talk a little bit about my book and what’s its about, as well as answer questions and interact with my peeps.

So im doing a giveaway in the next 7 hours, if you wish to be entered into the drawing please share this link on a social media site and send me (via email) your name and a screen shot of the post.

For every social media site you use I will enter your name. =)

Here is the link to the book and what you will use to share.

please send to following email: LILCLAM2390@AOL.COM

You have about 7 hours! Comment if you have any difficulties!

U.S. shipping only at this time, sorry!

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


My book is officially available on Amazon for purchase! YAY

I will be hosting a virtual book launch on Facebook on January 23rd from 9pm-10pm MST.

I will be giving away three copies of my book to three lucky people!

Come join me in exploring more behind what inspired me to write this book and what this book is all about! Also to ask me any questions and give me some feedback.

So Join me and invite your friends!! ❤

Click for the event page!



So I’ve been mentioning that I’m excited for the year because I have some things in the works.

Im excited to announce that I am working on a series of personal and professional development books to help my generation and those before and after to become better people in all aspects of their life.

My idea for these books is to kinda go outside the norm of book writing and create something that’s more easy going and easy to read and understand. Lots of books exist and its about people who work with others and tell you other peoples stories. Those are great, but I always felt like I needed to read something a little more “real” and personal. Like im listening to a friend rather than a professional who sounds like they have their life together.

I talk about my own experiences and thoughts. Ideas and principles that I have learned through this process called “life”. each chapter contains a principle or habit that I break down and explain what it means to me and how you can apply it in your life. I too give examples of people I know personally or people that I have seen on social media and TV, just like you have.

We often don’t think about what other people go through to get to where the are at. So let’s try to figure it out!

If you know me personally, you’ll find that a lot of what you read sounds just like me. Or so I’ve heard from my husband who’s the only one who’s read the book cover to cover.

Its may not be the best read you will find, but I think you have nothing to lose but giving it a shot. 😉

A link to my book and virtual book launch will be posted as soon as I find out what day it will get published.

Thanks for the support!

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” Walt Disney



I can’t believe it’s the new year already. So many things to plan, so many new adventures to look forward to and starting a new dream board for the year.

This year is very exciting for me because I have a few projects I’m working on and will see them unfold throughout the year.

Besides my projects, it’s also the year where we will see many highly anticipated films. Starting with the MCU finally telling us what the heck is going to happen to the Avengers and how they will defeat Thanos. My husband and I plan on going back to Hollywood and hopefully get into the movie again because watching the movie three days before is so much better and less stressful than waiting to watch it in a sold out theatre and running the risk of bumping into any kind of spoilers.

Disney is releasing all kinds of live-action versions of classic Disney films, Such as Dumbo, Lion King and Aladdin. Im mostly excited about Lion King, as its my fave Disney film and they totally nailed Beauty and The Beast, which is my fave Disney princess movie. I can’t wait!

Another huge thing that’s happening this year and Im surprised to find myself a little torn by it; is that I turn 29 this year. Its my last year in my 20s and I’m low key freaking out. I guess I always thought my life would be a little different than it is now. Im not disappointed where I am now but I don sometimes get a little bummed because there’s a couple things I would think Id have by now, a career and kids. These two are usually critical in someones life. But when I really think about it, I guess if I did have a career it probably be a job I wasn’t too happy in and if I had kids I probably would not have the energy or time to work on the projects I started working in last year. So I look at it as ‘this is where I need to be’ and only heavenly father knows why peoples lives turn out the way they do.

Some things that id like to get done this year are to be in a working position whether its a job, or a hobby that has been able to help me provide for my family. I also want to work on growing my family. My husband and I have agreed that if we didn’t have kids by the time we are 35 then maybe its time to focus 100% on us and helping the world. Thats has been and will always be a part of our plans and purpose, but its importance depends on our family and how much time we need to dedicate to it.

I want to continue going to the gym and working on my health and lose a little more weight. I also want to continue learning and reading in order to keep on bettering myself and helping those around me because better people.

This year hold so many other things that I’m excited to see happen. As things happen I will keep you guys updated. This is definitely THE year to give back and think outside the box. Make it a goal to get out of your comfort zone and reach for the stars!

“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” –Rapunzel (Tangled)