It takes 2

It takes 2

Wedding season has officially started. Spring and Summer romances, bridezillas have come to life, people breaking the bank for what is a (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience.

recently in the last probably 5 decades its become a common thing in our society for people to end up in divorce, over many different things. A lot of people jump into conclusions as to why and though some are totally valid, others are just mediocre and a bit selfish.

As some of you may know, I wrote a book about self improvement and principles or habits I learned to help me write that book and continue my journey to writing self improvement reads. I am currently working on a book about marriage, specifically millennial marriages.

It is a popular to time to be selfish, sensitive and mediocre. With that comes rushed commitments, rushed divorces, higher rate of infidelity and possibly abuse. So if you wonder why people are so scared to get married, its probably because they are scared to be victim of any of these reasons.

The one thing I have learned being married at 22 and having been married for 7 years is that marriage takes A LOT and i mean A LOT of work. this is where most people fail, they think marriage is supposed to be a fairy tale and because while they’re dating everyone is happy and life is perfect, they assume it will stay that way forever. Well, Im here to break it to you guys, it doesn’t really work that way. No matter how perfect and compatible or how opposite and how much you compliment each other, problems will arise, people will get annoyed, someone will get hurt, and you will have a decisions to make.

Full disclaimer before I continue; The only time I personally believe that divorce is the answer is if someone is in an abusive relationship. Like straight up manipulation, physical, mental or emotional abuse. That is something that should NEVER be tolerated and stopped right away.

So why do I say you have an important decision to make? Well, at some point in your relationship you will have problems, you will experience heartbreak whatever form it may in, and you will blame someone for your short term misery because it doesnt seem to end. This is when you need to decide if you’re going to fight or fly. (yes, fight or flight theory applies in relationships too.)

I don’t want to waste too much time talking about all the young relationships I know, including my own. But I do want to tell you that when you commit to someone, you committed because you love them, you can’t imagine life without them. When something unfortunate happens, there will be a window when you think life would be better if you were separate, trust me, it won’t be as great if you were to stick together, work through it and become the most powerful couple you’ve ever known. 😉 Marriage is like having a child, yes I know unfortunately there are mothers who give up their babies because they didn’t feel capable or ready, but that is a whole other topic.

However, most parents have children and love their children unconditionally. There are times when they wish they could send them away or that they were different but they love them none the less and don’t give up on them. This is the same with marriages, I know youre not biologically attached to your spouse, but if you can adopt someone and love them as your own, you can work through the problems in your marriage and love your spouse like your soul mate.

Every marriage is different and however they feel they need to deal with their issues is their own decision. My point of this post is to just remind you that you didn’t get married to get a divorce, you didnt start something to give up on it. ALSO and this is very IMPORTANT, no matter how badly and how hard you are working on your relationship, remember that it takes TWO.

No marriage can work if only ONE person is trying. If only ONE person forgives and if only ONE person stays.

I feel like I made marriage sound like a horrible thing (haha). NO, im happily married, and yes I had some serious struggles in the beginning but that’s why Im writing a book for because it takes a good four pages to tell you how I was at my lowest and now we are at our strongest and haven’t even reached our full potential. (we will but the world isn’t ready for us to take over) 😉 I just want to let whoever needs this To know, that youre not alone and your marriage isn’t bound to fail and no your spouse didn’t change, we all have different attitudes and personalities and life changes, especially big ones, bring out those other traits that we didn’t even know we had. SO don’t be scared, its not a forever thing and you both need to work through it.

There are plenty of resources out there to help, and don’t ever be ashamed to seek help. Don’t feel embarrassed because you think going to see a marriage counselor because you can’t agree on where to live isn’t as important as going because you’re dealing with trust issues. Every problem that can make or break a relationship no matter how big or small it may be is a valid problem and worth working on. We all have someone out there for us to build an empire with. If we have someone already its both our jobs to love, protect and nourish that bond for as long as forever.

Marriage is scary and difficult, but it can be the most amazing journey and learning experience you will ever have.

I will let everyone know once my book (that I’ve written but keep rewriting) is ready to be published.

“Love is a song that never ends.” -Bambi

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Ok you guys…. So I started this blog last fall hoping that by now I would have all kinds of post and followers and Id have life all figured out.

Obvi, thing didn’t turn out that way. I got lazy with the blog, wrote a book instead (that was pretty awesome) and started an instagram page to post all my motivational things and cooking stuff (cause its 2019 and why the F not?).

Its been a crazy almost 9 months since we moved out of Cali and I have been on all kinds of emotional, mental and physical roller coaster rides. One day I knew exactly what I was doing then I wanted more then I got discouraged then I got pumped then I wanted something else and got pumped some more then I got discouraged and now I’m here….writing to to the five people who possibly read my blog. to let y’all know that Im still trying and that if you’re one the same boat as me, that’s ok. But we need to get each other to shore and find our island of awesomeness.

Here is what is on my mind right now….. just so you know if you and me are in sync and we can help each other out.

first thing and 80% of my thoughts and feelings are on the new Avengers Endgame movie that I’ve watched twice already and hope to watch again. No spoiler here just wanted to share that that was my priority for like a month….so idk what tells you about me but that it.

Second thing on my mind is also avengers related (hahaha). Kind of, one of the reasons I love Disney and the MCU so much is the work that has gone behind it. It has taken time, money, team work and support from outsiders to build what they have built. So, I recognize that they’re not special next level type of human beings, they’re regular peeps like you and me who happen to be very diligent, responsible and #blessed. Blessings don’t come for no reason so they must be generally good people.

So (en sintesis, my grandpa use to say means in synthesis I think. lol)

I feel pumped again…. Theres things I want to accomplish this year and I know exactly what I need to do I just need to know when and with who. =) Even if on the way I get lost I know what my end goal is and i just need to find a way to get there, whether its here or somewhere else. I know who I want to be with and accomplish it with (my main squeeze of course) and I know that right now thinly limit I have is me. I don’t have any other responsibilities I have the freedom to dictate where I need my life to go.

So bear with me guys….better yet, join me. Just cause you have started on your resolutions for year doesnt mean you have to wait till next January. Its barely gonna be May…. the year is only almost halfway done. Where do you want be on Dec.31st? The same as you are now, or better?

You decide. If there is anything I learned this week its we have to do…

“Whatever it takes.” -Captain America (Avengers: Endgame)


What are you watching?

What are you watching?

So it’s apparent I am drawing blanks on deep, informative and motivational material because I’ve written two post and now I don’t know what to do, so let’s talk about what we’re watching on our streaming services shall we? Also, I’m bored and my husband went to go watch Avengers Endgame for the third time with his buddy so I need to keep myself busy for a few hours…

Since moving here I have definitely watch way more TV and spend more TV time. I have also been the most productive I’ve been in a while so I don’t know what that say about what I used to and how I used to manage my time.

Anyway, Since moving here there are a few shows I binge watched and rewatched Those include; The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Modern Family, Queer Eye, The Final Table (both Netflix originals) and The Act (on Hulu), among a couple Netflix original teen movies.

I am not much of a TV person and I really don’t like starting new shows because more than likely I won’t be able to stop until its over. For all these shows I really enjoyed because I wasn’t super eager to see how it ended. The Act was the perfect thriller/crime show for me because I knew exactly how it would end. I am not very patient with shows that have a villain who will inevitably get what they have coming for them, I need to know and see karma take effect so I can be in piece, but I cannot wait until the end of the show to see that happen so I avoid them and just read the synapsis.

I do enjoy family and comedy shows. New girl was the new-old show I watched this year. My sister and friends would reference it sometimes and would alway tell me I needed to watch it, based on the shows I already watched they were certain I would like it. Well, they weren’t wrong, I started rewatching it again this month, HA!

The final table was super cool because each episode focused on ONE country and its cuisine. They featured special guest judges from each country, all of them being either celebrities or food critics. So I really liked that and I learned a lot about countries foods and delicacies.

The Office and Parks and Rec. are my go-to’s along with How I Met Your Mother, for when im feeling like a pick me up or having something on that I need not focus on cause Ive seen it a bunch of times anyway. New Girl has made the cut too so good for them. 😉

Modern Family is fun and I love the characters but I don’t think its a show Ill rewatch. Maybe a few episodes I really liked but it isn’t in my go-to list. Still a great show.

Queer eye is also a great show and my husband has learned a lot from Mr. Tan France and his clothing expertise. 😉 He totally Tan Franced a guy at H&M who asked him and our other friend for some help picking out clothes because I guess he like how they were dressed (even though it was gym clothes) and my husband was ready and totally french tucked the guy and put a denim jacket on him and that man called his wife and rocked that tuck the rest of his stroll around the store. It was super cute to watch hahaha.

Unfortunately I am not a GOT fan, I have seen like 20 minutes of the first episode and I was like “Thank you, next.” Its really too much for me and Im sure its amazing but at this point I am not interested and I really don’t have time to catch up. I do like to keep updated with the main events thanks to my friend who kinda tells me what’s going on but remembers I have absolutely so idea what he’s talking about. haha, same with Star Wars, never seen any and I don’t think I ever will. (never say never, I think I just jinxed myself.) Again, Im sure they’re amazing and if I didn’t believe it then I definitely believe now that Disneyland is opening a whole world based on the franchise. So congrats to them for that.

Other shows I know are super popular but I don’t watch are Stranger things and Orange is the new black. Ill confess that I did watch the last season of OITNB but I don’t think ill watch the next one. Again, it was too much for me, made me too sad and anxious and upset. I really don’t like feeling that way after a show.

Besides watching TV I also started playing some video games with my friends and sister. The only TWO I play are Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight (hahaha) So im not much of a gamer but those are suer fun. Utah has made me the TV junkie I never knew I could be, (ha). Still its good to enjoy those little things but in moderation. =)

Whats your fave shows? Is there a feel good show you guys recommend?

Infertility Awareness Week.

Infertility Awareness Week.

Today is the last day of infertility awareness week.

I felt inclined to share with you all my experience with infertility and what I have learned and understood during this time.

I mention in my PCOS post that I was diagnosed with it at 19.

I can tell you that being interfile isn’t just about not being able to have kids, its so much more than that.

First those who have been blessed with excellent fertility skills 😉 and who don’t know what infertility is or much about it here’s a few non statistical things you should know;

Just because someone suffers from infertility doesn’t not mean they are doomed to a childless life. Lots of women who were told they couldn’t have kids are able to get pregnant out of a miracle. Also, theres these awesome things called adoption and surrogacy.

There are different kinds of infertility and different levels. Some may just have difficulty getting pregnant, others require some extra medical help to get the hormones going and some may need to look into other options like mentioned before.

Infertility doesnt just affect the individual on an emotional level. There are physical discomforts that come with infertility. Cramping, backpains and sometimes pain that cause concern.

One someone get pregnant and has a child; it does not mean they are cured and can have all the children they want in the world. They still suffer from infertility and baby #2 can’t just happen.

Now for my peeps, let me tell you guys something that I have learned. DONT BE ASHAMED….to/of

  • Cry
  • Laugh
  • Hurt
  • Feel helpless
  • Feel depressed
  • Seek help
  • Cry some more
  • Laugh some more
  • Be hopeful
  • Fail
  • Be hopeful again
  • Negative pregnancy test
  • Failed attempts
  • Successful attempts that fail
  • Wanting to give up
  • Not giving up
  • Seeking other options
  • Talking About it
  • Crying About it
  • Womb Envy (it happens to all of us…)
  • Seeing babies everywhere
  • Being mad at your SO for not understanding
  • Becoming temporarily crazy
  • Your special hormones
  • Your reproductive systems
  • Having a baby after 35
  • Adopting
  • Surrogacy
  • Doing Whatever It Takes……

There is so much more I can add to the list.

Guys, it really does suck not being able to do the most natural thing in the world….but all of us who struggle with it, they way I see it is that we were chosen. Chosen to be the best kick ass parents any kid has ever seen. We are meant to create and raise awesome individuals that are going to change this world one person at a time. Those who don’t have kids out of choice, that great too. We were all put here for a reason and need to embrace what we were given and what we chose to be given. Some of those things may not be compatable with each other but we are invincible. We were made to do great things regardless of our natural abilities.

To those married or living with someone who suffers from infertility, please…be patient. I know its overwhelming when someone feels great one minute and the next minute their whole world in turned upside down. Trust me, my husband takes pregnancy test day like a holiday. He takes me out for ice cream or Fo yo to either celebrate or as a pick me up. So far its served well as a pick me up and even though ice cream can’t really fix all my sadness, it definitely helps to know that my SO is in this with me and understands that no matter what its going to hurt until we get good news. Still it doesnt stop us from moving forward in other aspects of our life and creating a foundation for our future family whether its for more than us or just the two of us. =)

Today is another day, take it in….try again next month. It’ll all be ok, you will be ok.

For more Info visit

also google helps too! =)

“Even miracles take a little time.” — Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)

First Gen.

First Gen.

Im not really sure if i qualify as a first generation American. I googled it and apparently I am a second generation American because my parents immigrated and settled here so that makes me second..? I always thought the first person from your family to be born in another country than that of your origin makes you first generation, but I guess I might be wrong.

Anyway, lets just say that the latter s true, then I consider myself a first generation American. Growing up with a culture different from everyone else was definitely a blessing and in some ways a curse. Its great to have people ask me about how I celebrate certain holidays and what traditions and new ideas I can bring to the table. I don’t get offended easily when people ask me about my race or culture, I do take pride in my Mexican roots and the way I was brought up. The only part that you can say is a curse is that growing up it gets hard to relate to most people and you tend to stick with what you know. Growing up I had friends of all races and religions. Once I reached high school and began having a social life I realized that it was easier for me to relate to latinos and other minority groups and easier for me to hang out with them. For example, we all relate in that our parents were pretty over protective and did not let us go to anyones house unless they knew exactly who we were visiting and made sure the parents were going to be present and that most of the people there were friends they have met or heard of. We had to be polite, so if my friends ever came over and didn’t at least acknowledge my parents presence and say “hi, nice to meet you.” You best believe that was the last  time that happened. Not necessarily because my parents told me but because I always made sure I took care of it before they said anything and  I know how important it is for Latino parents to not want their kids to be “mal educados” (poorly educated) so I would either make my friends say hi or just stop hanging out with them. =P

I wasn’t allowed to dictate my life and up until I was 22 and married I ALWAYS asked for permission (or let them know ahead of time) about going anywhere, told them where I was going, who I was going with and what were doing and how long I would take. Sounds exhausting? Well you get used to it after having done it since…well… birth! I was one of those kids that always announced I was going to the bathroom because I distinctly remember  a time my mom was yelling out my name and looking for me and I got in trouble for not responding cause I was in the bathroom and couldn’t yell loud enough. So after that day I always told her where I was going and she’d get mad at me for being all extra about it but I was just avoiding getting into trouble.

Growing up in the US and being latino can be quite exhausting. I guess depending on where you live. Because I grew up in California, wait let me be more specific, in SOUTHERN California, being latino wasn’t as big of a deal. I personally never experienced any kind of racism, maybe because I don’t assume people are being racist or because I really never found myself in a situation like that. I hope it stays that way now that I’ve moved to another state. Back in California we have all the goods we need in all the stores, the best Mexican restaurants and taco trucks, and most people are also latino and speak Spanish. I loved growing up there and am super grateful that I did.  Its not so hard to find latino communities and people you can relate to. Because everyone south of the United States is a Spanish speaking country or Latino country, most immigrants here are from there and we always settle and establish a great community with stores and events wherever we go. We create programs to help those in our communities achieve their goals and have some perks and access to certain resources that could help us with work or school just for being part of a minority group.  So in that sense I am grateful that my parents came here and stayed in California.

So why is it hard sometimes? Being Latino here is difficult for a few reasons. The main one that I can think of is that we need to accommodate ourselves in both the American and Latino culture. If theres a Latino that has never been to a quinceañera, eaten any kind of latino comfort food, or speak Spanish, then its usually the stink eye for them. I know because I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve low key (or sometimes high key) judged someone who’s latino and has no latino traditions or speaks the language. I know its not their fault but then I always wonder about who was the culprit in stopping those traditions. Now when it comes to the other side, we have to show the Americans that we are American enough. Celebrate independence day, know the culture references, and their traditions as well. I feel in a lot of cases we tend to lean more to one side than the other and thats how we end up with our group of friends and acquaintances.

Anyway, like I mentioned before, I grew up 100% Mexican, with all the holiday, birthday and cultural traditions being from Mexico. So I ended up with all hispanic friends who are all first generation as well. Im sure if I was more americanized growing up Id probably have friends who share American traditions and values.  It may seem as if all I did was hang out with a bunch of Mexicans in high school, well thats not what I’m saying. I hung out with all kinds of individuals. What I AM saying is that out of all those people the ones I got closest too and hung out with outside of school are all those who had an upbringing similar to mine. To this day I still remain close to them and see them once in a while.

Of course the biggest negative of being Latino in this country, and I think this applies to any minority coming to the US, its that you run the risk of being a victim of racism and prejudices. Its a shame that in such a developed nation, we still have losers who think this country belongs to the anglo community. And to make things worse theres a large number of people of color who turns out are prejudice against their own race and other minority groups…that is something I will never and don’t want to understand.  Of course as history shows and the whole world knows, the only OG’s who have a right to kick all of us out are the natives. Sooooo, stop being a dumb racist

Theres also that lingering feeling you have throughout some parts of your life where you feel like a second class citizen. However, I’ve learned thats not true for some people. This remind me of a conversation I had with a friend. He was born in Mexico but was brought to California  by his U.S. born parents as a baby, so he has no memory or life in Mexico, he was just born there. Anyway, one day he calls me and tells me his brother and SO were upset at him for wanting to put a U.S. flag on his truck. I immediately understood where his bro and SO were coming from, because I would probably give him a hard time too. I bring this up because I want people to know that there is no shame in being proud of where you come from and just the same as being proud of where you ended up.

So  he was told “why would you that? You’re Mexican.”

Here is logic and it makes lots of sense but I didn’t grow up thinking that way and I never considered it; He truly identifies as an American, he doesn’t like being identified as Mexican-American because he says he’s never even been to Mexico nor has Mexico done anything for him. He grew up here, he studied here and got his degree here and he owes everything he has to this country. He hates the idea that any of his achievements might’ve anything to do with his ethnicity. He just wants to be seen as an American and that’s it.

What do you guys think about that?

I mean, it makes sense to me and I respect his opinion.  I think a little different though.

I was born in CA and raised in CA. I was the very FIRST person on both sides of my family to be born in the U.S. I grew up knowing that I was Mexican and proud of it. I grew up very similarly to my friend. But my parents are 1000% Mexican with Mexican traditions. I grew up with all kinds of friends but found myself with mostly kids of immigrant parents. I was told that being born here was a blessing and a open door to so many unimaginable opportunities. Still, I grew being very proud of where I came from and not so proud of what the American people represented. To me wearing or owning any american anything would be like turning my back on my roots. I know that sound ridiculous but I grew up seeing movies and people who own U.S. flags as fat, ignorant, racist jerks. Not respectable people. To me the flag doesnt represent freedom or patriotism, it represent ignorance and nationalism. I don’t want to get into any politics but I see it that way more now than I ever have. And not because I was told or bought to think that way, because my only experiences with observing “patriotism” in this country have been negative.  I just don’t see it as a necessity to sport a flag of where you are because youre already  there, being there is your patriotism at work. You can however sport where you are from to show the world that if you can do it they can do it too.

So theres that……

Since Ive moved to Utah its been quite a cultural shock for me in that sense. I am surprised at the amount of latinos coming into this state and was taken a back at the statistics of migration into Utah. However, back home we went to church, school and work with mostly Latinos and other minority groups. Here its quite different. Neither of us go to school anymore so there that, and my husband is the only one that works and he’s spoken more english since he got here than he’s ever had to his whole life. the work culture for him is a little different for sure. then theres church, this one was on us and we decided to attend the english congregation just to see and because we didn’t think we’d stay in the area for more than a year. This has been the hardest for me I think, I do like our ward and everyone has been so nice and really turned off that mentality I had that Utah might have a bunch of self righteous patriotic trump supporting racist homophobic wierdos. (no offense Utah) I fell into the ignorant pot of being prejudice that I judge so much before gaining any kind of knowledge and getting to know people. I needed to check myself before I wrecked myself.

There are definitely more U.S. flags here that over there and luckily I’ve seen less MAGA hats here than I did over in CA. (we did live in a pretty conservative town back home so it kinda makes sense. We live in college town now)

Utah has been good to us and even though I miss having access to Chinatown, Korea Town, little Armenia and lets not forget All the Mexican stores, markets and street vendors in LA and OC, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to really be in a place where I really am a minority. I can get to know those who I feared and those who might fear me can see that I’m pretty legit. 😉

In short,I am proud to come where I came from and  I am proud to be in this country and for the opportunity I have been given to have the freedom to create some sort of platform as well as to getting to know so many different people and opening my eyes to my own prejudices and working on fixing them. I love my roots and I plan to continue holding them near and dear to me. I plan on learning more about both my Mexican and American cultures and giving my future family the best of both worlds,  like Hanna Monata. ;P

Are you guys first generation anything? please share your experiences!


“Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.” – Elastigirl, The Incredibles

Kitchen Adventures!

Kitchen Adventures!

So for the last six months, since Ive moved to Utah and been at home all day, Ive found a new love in my life; making food!

Ive always liked to cook, back home whenever I would have time after I got home from work Id plan an awesome meal. I also liked feeding my guest and inviting people over for dinner. I don’t know why but it brings me so much joy to see people eat the food I make and even more joy when they like it!

So the past few months I’ve been looking up recipes for things that aren’t technically meals, like finger foods or confront foods. For example; Ive learned to make crepes and empanadas (the savory kind). These two are my work in progress right now. I think Ive been doing an ok job, I do think I could still make them better as long as I keep practicing and making them. =)

ALSO, Ive tried to make Bad twice, and Its not perfect but like the empanadas and the crepes I think its pretty good for a newb. ;P

Ive also been trying to bake things, this is actually my current work in progress, Because I think I got the crepes and empanadas dough game pretty much down, I really need to focus on my baking skills. Baking is for sure not my strong suit. Ive tried to make banana bread like 4 times and I fail, granted I try to make my won recipe because Im try to make them an easy way, but I still haven’t found it.

Its been really great being able to stay home and plan what I’m going to cook. I could be in the kitchen all day making and experimenting. I kind of wish I would have gone to a chefs school instead of majoring in psychology 😆. Its ok, its never too late I guess, also Im not sure if I have the chef vibe, I think I’m more of a mom/grandma vibe. 👵🏼

visit my instagram page @can.dy.lane for the recipes!

Anyway, what do you like to do in your spare time? Also do you have any awesome recipes you want to share?

“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” -Remy (ratatouille)

We turned 29!

We turned 29!

So this year, 2019. Is a year that marks my husband, mine and most of my friends last year in our 20’s!!

To tell you the truth, I never really thought about my age until I turned 28. I realized that I was only TWO years away from reaching another decade. Not just any decade, my THIRTIES!! I don’t know why, but growing up I always felt like being thirty was when you hit that “you’re old” mark.

I know now, as I enter my last year of being able to say I’m in my twenties, that being thirty is not ‘old’. I do still feel like I need to do as much as I can this last year ( purely symbolic) to end my 20’s with a bang. So when someone ask me “what’s the craziest thing you did in your 20’s?” I don’t only have sky diving in my report card but maybe paragliding or skiing. IDK. We’ll see. I think nothing beats sky diving so I guess i’ll probably just have to do that again. One thing is for sure, I am DEFINITELY NOT going bungee jumping.

My husband is the opposite of me, he can’t wait to be a middle aged man. HE still has a whole decade and half to go but he just can’t to get there. He’s the kind of person who has a 5-year plan and goes through with it. His last five year plan worked pretty well; owning a business, buying a house and paying off two cars. We were able to do all in five years. It was a lot of work and to be honest a little unpredictable the way everything happened, but a huge blessing.

His next five year plan is more centered on his career and our traveling plans. For example, this year we plan on going to his hometown in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He plans to stay there for 4 weeks! He also said this would be his last DR trip for the next 10 years. which is a whole lot of time. He wants to travel to different places. His plan is to learn a language and for us to go to the country who speaks that language. Im pretty lucky to have someone like him. If it wasn’t for him thinking the way he does, we’d either not be married or living in my parents garage still driving each other crazy. Luckily that is not the case.

So I guess mu husbands plan for his last year in his 20s is to prepare for the awesome adventures that await us in our 30s.

For me, I see my 30s being full of other kinds of adventures. I do want to travel and see the world, but I also want to find a purpose, help others through that purpose and have kids. =P

So my plans aren’t as elaborate as his but I think that’s a good thing. Imagine if he wanted to travel and I wanted to start a company. Even though its probably doable, we’d be fighting over who got first dibs in their project.

TIme is precious, so its always a good idea to have some sort of plan. =)

Anyway, I can say we have had a great ride in our 20s, from getting married, to living in our first apartments together, to owning a business, to learning how to not drive each other crazy, to buying cars, to paying off our cars, to buying a house, to getting a giant dog after we said we wouldn’t, to losing a busniess, to moving two years later to another state!

So with that said Im pretty excited to see what this year has in store for us and what the next decade has prepared. ❤

“I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” -Walt Disney