So I’ve been mentioning that I’m excited for the year because I have some things in the works. Im excited to announce that I am working on a series of personal and professional development books to help my generation and those before and after to become better people in all aspects of their life. My […]



I can’t believe it’s the new year already. So many things to plan, so many new adventures to look forward to and starting a new dream board for the year. This year is very exciting for me because I have a few projects I’m working on and will see them unfold throughout the year. Besides […]

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Ending with a bang.

This year has been one of the most unpredictable years I have experienced. When it comes to surprises I am not the best suited person to receive them, unless its s surprise bday party or trip to Disneyland. I started out the year without any real goals or plans, just to keep living my life […]

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Light your faith!!

Last week! Mini post. Light your faith, whatever your beliefs are, nourish them. Read the scriptures, attend worship meetings, provide service through your church or organizations. Go to your temples, or other places where sacred ordinances are done. pray, do, and love. Spread the spirit of goodness and charity. ❤

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Christmas Time!!

Its finally here!! One of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Besides your birthday, Christmas is usually the most popular holiday for many reasons. Lots of food, presents, traditions and not to mention much needed and cherished family time. Last year I was not able to spend Christmas with my parents, sisters and cousins. […]

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Light your family

It’s been such a crazy week. With the holidays coming up, I’ve been all over the place getting last minute gifts, cleaning even inch of my house little by little and getting ready to receive all my visitors traveling from CA to UT. It’s not enough to say how grateful I am to be able […]

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Light your community

This week is all about lighting your community.   There are always volunteer opportunities to help you neighborhood or community in some way. You can go to to find opportunities near you.  There may be food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals and orphanages you can go visit.  There can also be service projects. For example, […]

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