Upgrade yourself

Upgrade yourself

So I’ve been working real hard.. ok kinda hard on my next self improvement book. As I write I take into account the things I might have done wrong in the last book. Hmm let me rephrase that, I think about the things I can do better in the next one (see what I did there? Self improvement needs positive wording 😉)

Even though my books can be read by anyone at any age it’s mainly targeted towards the younger generations. By younger I mean people born 1980 and after 😅 so those who are late thirties and under. Aka Gen. Y, Millenials and Gen. Z kids. Did I get that right? Anywho, with all the current events in the last five years I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends who I went to high school with are getting proposed to, married and having kids. It’s really amazing how these life events can have such a huge impact on us.

I also remember when I first got married and how totally u prepared I was and how I later realized, NO ONE is prepared for a life changing event like marriage or kids! So this was (as mentioned in a previous post) my motivation to write this book I’m working on. It’s been a bit of a weird experience. I have a burst if Inspiration and write a thousand paragraphs (jk like 5) and I go DAYS without writing. I never understood writers block until now. I thought I had it back in high school but when you are doing this for money and a source of income it gets a little more intense because the stuff you right better be worth the money people pay for.

Thanks to other books I’ve read and some other sources, I think my second attempt with probably go better. 🤞🏼

That’s the whole point of giving yourself and upgrade. The things you set yourself to do, no matter how many times, you need to continue doing them and each time you do it make it better than the last. Make it a goal to take yourself to the next level and see what happens. Be extra nice, giving, patient, profesional, funny, whatever it is and take note.

What are some things you’d you guys feel we don’t have enough info on or something you’d like to read to help you in any aspect of you life?