Hey guys, so….. I know my post are all mediocre and probably super boring to read but I appreciate you taking the time to read my nonsense.

I have been struggling a bit with keeping my media stuff up to date, I never thought Id set myself the goal of creating a blog that can eventually turn into something that may create some passive income (still no where close to that, I’ve only earned 38 cents since I started this in September, haha!) But I have also set the goal to consistently reboot whenever I feel like I’ve reached a low point.

For example, when I first moved out to Utah I started the blog and continued working on my book with the goal to publish it asap. After I published it I had to figure out ways to promote it with zero to little money. I got a little depressed and felt defeated, but I began using my social media platforms once in a while to remind my friends, family and followers that I published a book.

Recently I have felt like its about time I started making a decent fixed income to contribute to our expenses and to help fast forward paying off our debts and buy our next house debt free. I slowly started seeing more student sign up for my classes (oh yeah I started working for VIPkids) and on one of my visits with my friend I was super bored and went on and applied to random jobs that seemed appealing. I had done this a bunch of times, so my attitude when I applied was more of a “eh whatevs”. Of course because he universe loves to laugh at us sometimes, I got a class back from one of the two places I had applied to the very next day. Im set for an interview on Friday and to be honest if I get it then great and ill see that as a sign that we will have a great need for that extra income sometime soon if not then Ill take it as I need to invest and make it goal to make this VIPkid gig a full time kind of thing.

If my working doesn’t make sense its because I have cartoons playing full blast next to me and its Lego Avengers so its pretty distracting. Anyways….. Having take two CA trips in less than three weeks has given me time to reevaluate where Im at and hit restart on some things, starting with what I’m doing to bring income to my home and going back to budgeting and working towards getting a nice savings habit going.

So in short I was feeling a little bleh and not very productive, but luckily we live in a great era with lots of resources at hand to help us learn little things that can make a big difference. My new goal for now (in addition to my older ones) is to create a real budget and I know it usually takes about three months to create a legit one. I also want to finish my second book and hopefully policy it by September.

What are your goals? What goals can you revisit?

“Admit defeat, and defeat will surely admit you into permanent custody.” — Beret Girl (An Extremely Goofy Movie)