Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Ok you guys…. So I started this blog last fall hoping that by now I would have all kinds of post and followers and Id have life all figured out.

Obvi, thing didn’t turn out that way. I got lazy with the blog, wrote a book instead (that was pretty awesome) and started an instagram page to post all my motivational things and cooking stuff (cause its 2019 and why the F not?).

Its been a crazy almost 9 months since we moved out of Cali and I have been on all kinds of emotional, mental and physical roller coaster rides. One day I knew exactly what I was doing then I wanted more then I got discouraged then I got pumped then I wanted something else and got pumped some more then I got discouraged and now I’m here….writing to to the five people who possibly read my blog. to let y’all know that Im still trying and that if you’re one the same boat as me, that’s ok. But we need to get each other to shore and find our island of awesomeness.

Here is what is on my mind right now….. just so you know if you and me are in sync and we can help each other out.

first thing and 80% of my thoughts and feelings are on the new Avengers Endgame movie that I’ve watched twice already and hope to watch again. No spoiler here just wanted to share that that was my priority for like a month….so idk what tells you about me but that it.

Second thing on my mind is also avengers related (hahaha). Kind of, one of the reasons I love Disney and the MCU so much is the work that has gone behind it. It has taken time, money, team work and support from outsiders to build what they have built. So, I recognize that they’re not special next level type of human beings, they’re regular peeps like you and me who happen to be very diligent, responsible and #blessed. Blessings don’t come for no reason so they must be generally good people.

So (en sintesis, my grandpa use to say means in synthesis I think. lol)

I feel pumped again…. Theres things I want to accomplish this year and I know exactly what I need to do I just need to know when and with who. =) Even if on the way I get lost I know what my end goal is and i just need to find a way to get there, whether its here or somewhere else. I know who I want to be with and accomplish it with (my main squeeze of course) and I know that right now thinly limit I have is me. I don’t have any other responsibilities I have the freedom to dictate where I need my life to go.

So bear with me guys….better yet, join me. Just cause you have started on your resolutions for year doesnt mean you have to wait till next January. Its barely gonna be May…. the year is only almost halfway done. Where do you want be on Dec.31st? The same as you are now, or better?

You decide. If there is anything I learned this week its we have to do…

“Whatever it takes.” -Captain America (Avengers: Endgame)