Valentines Day ❤️

Valentines Day ❤️

Its that time of year again, whether you’re spending it with someone special or going solo, its a holiday that brings great emotion and expectations.

If you’re single its usually a day that you sit at home thinking either about how sad your single life is, posting stuff on snap chat and facebook about how you’re so happy you’re single (if you’re posting stuff about how happy you are being alone, then trust me you’re not fooling anyone). OR you legit are grateful you don’t have to spend any money on anyone and go about your day as usual or treat yourself to a nice dinner or sweet treat.

If you’re dating, you guys probably made some really nice plans to go out to dinner at a place that has had v-day reservations for months, or maybe a nice romantic home cooked meal.

If you’re married then it can go either way, really mega nice plans or maybe eat lunch somewhere and go home and spend an evening watching TV. One thing I learned was that once you’re married, Valentines day is like any other day, it can be made special by exchanging some small gifts or maybe going on a date. Usually though, the fancy restaurants and romantic evenings are more of a newly-wed or young couples game. (Not that we’re not young).

To be honest, we do give each other things on valentines day but we don’t really make plans for any kind of dinner date. I mostly remember a few valentines. The first one is the very first valentines day we spent alone, when we moved out my Lancaster to Northridge. My husband wanted to surprise me, he took me to pick up a pizza and when we got home we opened the box to find a weirdly shaped hawaiian pizza. He had preordered a pizza and asked the bakers to make it into a heart shape. From the looks of the pizza I’d say those guys had never seen a heart in their life. 😂 But I loved the though behind it, and even though it made us a little sick, because they had made it earlier that day and was probably sitting there for a good while, it was sweet of him. =)

Another Valentines day was when we decided to wing it, I think it might have been one of our first v-day together. We went to a restaurant named Claim Jumper, right by the mall. We went pretty early and there weren’t many people in the parking so we thought we had it made. Once we went inside and told them it was just the two of us the greeter told us it was a 2-3 hour wait. I was surprised because I didn’t see many people waiting, but she explained that they had reservations coming in and if we wanted a table we’d have to wait. So naturally we left. We did think about it for a minute and my husband said he’d wait if I really wanted to eat there. I was starting to get a little hungry so we went to the next place. Same story, I then just called up the restaurants closes to us and every single one had long wait times and full reservations.

After driving around and feeling a little hangry, we found a Hawaiian BBQ place and saw no lines. We went inside and ordered. It was probably one of my fave V-day dinners. =) Second to the food poisoning pizza. lol

This last V-day I don’t remember what we did, but I do remember he gave me a card and some roses (which Ive said he should stop giving me real flowers because I kill them all). I do appreciate them though and he still does bring me some once in a blue moon. I think this last one was also the one where I printed a Zelda card, because I branded him with Zelda things and now most things he gets are Zelda related (or spider-man) 😉

As far as this years Valentines day, in a new state, with a new life , I can’t say what we have planned. I can tell you this, whatever we do, I know we will do it with love and keeping each other in mind.

I hope you guys all have a great Valentines day and whatever you do, its out of love and not vanity. Picnic dates with home made stuff is sometimes more meaning full (and delicious…and CHEAP) than eating at a fancy place. BUT if thats your thing, to treat yourself and SO to a fancy expensive diner than GO FOR IT! What matters is that you show each other love.

ALSO V-day doesn’t have to be about your SO only, go out with friends and family, take this opportunity to show them how much you love them too.

Happy Valentines Day!!

“Some people are worth melting for.” — Frozen