So I’ve been mentioning that I’m excited for the year because I have some things in the works.

Im excited to announce that I am working on a series of personal and professional development books to help my generation and those before and after to become better people in all aspects of their life.

My idea for these books is to kinda go outside the norm of book writing and create something that’s more easy going and easy to read and understand. Lots of books exist and its about people who work with others and tell you other peoples stories. Those are great, but I always felt like I needed to read something a little more “real” and personal. Like im listening to a friend rather than a professional who sounds like they have their life together.

I talk about my own experiences and thoughts. Ideas and principles that I have learned through this process called “life”. each chapter contains a principle or habit that I break down and explain what it means to me and how you can apply it in your life. I too give examples of people I know personally or people that I have seen on social media and TV, just like you have.

We often don’t think about what other people go through to get to where the are at. So let’s try to figure it out!

If you know me personally, you’ll find that a lot of what you read sounds just like me. Or so I’ve heard from my husband who’s the only one who’s read the book cover to cover.

Its may not be the best read you will find, but I think you have nothing to lose but giving it a shot. 😉

A link to my book and virtual book launch will be posted as soon as I find out what day it will get published.

Thanks for the support!

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” Walt Disney

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