Ending with a bang.

Ending with a bang.

This year has been one of the most unpredictable years I have experienced. When it comes to surprises I am not the best suited person to receive them, unless its s surprise bday party or trip to Disneyland. I started out the year without any real goals or plans, just to keep living my life and hope for it to get better. To be honest there are two things I remember happening last year, the first was my cousins wedding at the beginning and the second one was me moving to another state over the summer. I don’t remember much of the in between. Im sure a lot of great things happened, but those two were definitely the highlights of the year.

As far as how it went with the whole family coming over for the holidays, well it was AWESOME. Everyone who visited from CA got to see fluffy snow and spend some time in it. We all gathered at my in-laws home and yes we were able to work it out and fit everyone and play our white elephant game. Xmas day we all went to par city to play with the snow, since it didn’t snow where we live. We went to olympic park and then walked down main street in Park City. Afterward we all met up in Salt Lake at Temple square to look at the xmas light and to take one of the best family pictures I have ever seen. =)

After everyone left, the two people who stayed were my sister, who moved in with us, and my bff and his husky who’s my dogs bff. We spent the rest of the week playing video games and board games and pigging out. We definitely took this vacation time seriously. We also worked really hard to build a snowman with powdery snow. It was a little had at first because the snow would get stuck to out gloves, thankfully we found a random shovel and used that to pat it down and make it as sturdy as we could. My sister and I attempted to use out bare hands but regretted that decision almost instantly when we touched the ice cold snow and felt our hands get so numb they started to hurt. We though our fingers were going to fall off. 😂

For New Years Eve, we didn’t really make any plans to go anywhere so we stayed home and hung out, invited the neighbors to play games and went to the mall close by to see the fireworks to end the year with a bang. (Literally)

Not sure what my new years resolutions are yet, but I think that something I will try to figure out this week.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!