Light your community

Light your community

This week is all about lighting your community.  

There are always volunteer opportunities to help you neighborhood or community in some way. You can go to to find opportunities near you. 

There may be food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals and orphanages you can go visit. 

There can also be service projects. For example, I put in the zip code from my home town in CA and there was painting project, granite cleaning, and helping sack homeless lunches. 

Other maples may be toy drives or any kind of drive. Especially with the holidays coming up, there will be a lot of organizations asking for toys, clothes, hygiene kits for people in need. 

Where I live there is a family who is doing a to drive to take to needy children in Juarez, Mexico. Its amazing what people are capable of doing when they have the means to. 

Even if you didn’t help the world in some way last week, that’s ok! try something this week to light your community. If you want to light the world thats ok too! 

Please share anything you have done or will do to serve this week. =)