Recoup…. for now

Recoup…. for now

Thanksgiving is over. ☹️

But now comes the time to bring out those Xmas trees, lights and begin the gift wrapping.

This turkey day I was able to go visit my family in California and on our way back we visited some friends, including our neighbors.

Two of three people we visited has their Christmas three up and almost ready to go. 🎄

It’s usually custom here in the states for people to bring out the tree the day after thanksgiving and start decorating it as a family. I know there are others who have it out the day after Halloween so I don’t think the thanksgiving people are getting already of themselves.

Since it’s only been my husband and I for the past six years we only got a Xmas tree the first year we were married and haven’t since. I have been thinking though that maybe it’s time to start some sort of tradition that is special to us.

Maybe this year we’ll get a baby tree or something to initiate the start of this wonderful holiday.

What’s some Xmas traditions you guys have or would like to start??