Turkey DAY!! 🦃

Turkey DAY!! 🦃

YAY! Thanksgiving is here!!Family, fun times and FOOOD!! 

I think the food is probably everyones favorite part of thanksgiving, especially since there’s always enough to last you for days. I know that’s one of my favorite parts about hosting Thanksgiving at my parents house, we got all the leftovers =)In my family, I’m sure like most family’s, we would assign a dish per family member to bring. Usually the one hosting is the one who makes the main dish (aka: the turkey). Then some people would bring the ham, side dishes, drinks or desserts. My mom has the best turkey recipes and makes an amazing stuffing that unfortunately always disappears before the end of the night.  

Her stuffing recipe doesn’t involve any kind of bread ingredient, so its probably not a traditional stuffing but its amazing!! 

She uses ground beef, chopped prunes, and chopped up onions and peppersI think. Im not 100% sure what the ingredients are, but I will try and get that from her before thanksgiving so you guys can try it out for the holidays.  All I know is those are the ingredients I see when I eat it. I haven’t had it in a while. My stomach just growled so loud. 

As far as turkeys go, theres one seasoning recipe I use to make them and have used it to season the turkeys my husband sells at his work. 

In a blender I add, like a few garlic pieces, a piece of onion, some of that knorr chicken bouillon, grape juice and I think thats it. I blend it all real good so the blender is full then I poke holes in the turkey and give it a nice grape juice bath. I don’t have measurements because we never learned to cook with them, its all about the eye. lol 

For sides my favorite holiday side are frijoles charros. If you guys haven’t had frijoles charros then ask your Mexican friend tomato you some and if the don’t know how then ask their momma and if there momma doesn’t know how then ask the grandma and if she can’t do it then you probably need to make a new friend who can feed you amazingness. 

The frijoles charros I have contain, refrained beans, chorizo, bacon, hot dog pieces, and chicharron (pork rinds). It has a liquid consistency and super delicious!!You can add whatever kind of meat to them and however much. I had someone that had pastrami, it was little much for me but still super yummy. 

As far as desserts go, I love me some PUMPKIN PIE!! it can be from anywhere, Costco or Marie Calendars is usually where its at, with whipped cream, mmmmmm. If you’re like my sister and eat whipped cream with some pie then thats pretty delicious too.  

For drink, every year for Thanksgiving, xmas or new years there is always someone who makes a traditional drink called Ponche. Its basically a hot fruit punch and contains, pears, apples, guava, sugar cane pieces, and I think prunes. Some add pineapple too or other kinds of fruits. We drink it hot and it usually great with the cold weather outside, makes a great more refreshing alternative to hot chocolate. OH! speaking of, we of course might have champurrado or atole instead of ponche. Those are also hot drinks but with a thicker consistency (because its made with dairy products) and usually sweeter. 

I love love love the holiday season and I can’t wait to eat all this yummy deliciousness. 

Whats your favorite holiday dish?  Do you guys have any fun family traditions orang would like to start? 

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!! 

“the more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.” – Walt Disney