Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble!

This year Marvel came out with what was probably the biggest movie of all time (so far) and my husband and I were beyond excited for the premiere.

As you may know by now I absolutely love love love all things Disney and my husband is a super Marvel fan. He gets excited over every MCU movie that has come out and ever since he’s been following the MCU and knowing what Marvels plan is and we’ve both been beyond excited for Infinity War.

Despite our love for Marvel and Disney and living only an hour away from Los Angeles, we were never ones to go and see a red carpet movie premiere. In fact, we didn’t even know we could do that. I mean I always saw fans getting autographs and stuff but I wasn’t really one to go take the time and research any information as to when and where these events take place, until Infinity War. IF there was ever a red carpet event we needed and had to attend, it was this one. All of our favorite characters would be there and it was really the only one we felt would be worth the time. So I went on google and got to work.

When we got there it was about 10:30am. We had no idea what we were supposed to do. We didn’t see a whole lot of people like we expected but there were some waiting around and no one seemed to have any kind of information as to what or where we were suppose to be. We waited in the first line we saw because of course theres always someone who says “this is where they told us to wait.” and while I waited in that line my husband walked around to see if he could find any other information.

About 15 minutes later he calls me and tells me to run to the other side if the street because they were giving wrist bands. When I got there they had stopped and people seemed frazzled. Apparently there were people there who had been waiting for hours and some even days! We spent about three hours waiting there with different security staff members giving us different information. Some gave us hope and others were cut throat and diminished any spark of hope that we’d be able to see the event.

Finally after a few hours one guy comes and promised at a certain hour they’ll be giving out more wristbands. We were all pretty psyched. Once the hour came by another staff member comes and tells us to go. He said we were blocking the way and there were no more wristbands. Of course lot of people raised their voice and expressed their anger and frustration. Luckily for us we were just winging it and had already kept in mind that the chances of seeing anything or anyone were pretty much slim to none. There was even a guy who was apparently so desperate he was cutting slowly and moving up in the line and using his argument “I’m from New York.” to get anyone off his back.  He’s lucky us Californians are nice. lol

So you can only imagine once we were sent packing all the sad faces and postures walking around hollywood blvd.

My husband and I decided to go find something to eat, he however was determined and not ready to give up. While I ordered and waited for our food he went out and came back looking defeated. I was pretty sad even though I told myself before we got there not to get my hopes up.

After we ate lunch we just decided to try and see it from behind the fences and at least we would get a glimpse and that was already fun enough. I always enjoyed hearing others excitement. It makes me feel happy and proud for whoever they are cheering for.

Anyway, we were making our way back when all of a sudden we see another line and some of the people who were waiting with us earlier were there and lo and behold our wildest dream came true! We got in! Just when I gave up all hope, I was taught a lesson. Positivity works! (Thanks to my husband) 😉


The rest is history! All I know is that it was definitely  a one of a kind experience and even though we have moved to Utah and are no longer an hour away, that is not going to stop us from taking a few days off for Avengers 4!

Great job Russos and Marvel!! Cant wait for the next one and hopefully we’ll be blessed to attend this event again! =D





“The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves, sort of like a team. ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ type of thing.” – Tony Stark