LA to Seoul

LA to Seoul

Last year in November my sister told us she would be going to South Korea for a little while. It came as a shock to all of us but knew it was a good opportunity for her to learn and grow.  All three of my sisters, my mom and myself got plane tickets to go drop her off at her new home. 🙂

Little did we know we’d fall in love with this amazing country. Its such a beautiful place, the people were nothing but polite and kind to us. We stayed in a less ‘touristy’ part of Seoul and afraid that we would be treated differently or maybe even not accepted at some locations, that was not the case.

Our first night we went to a little Korean BBQ spot right next to our hotel and used my sisters’ little bit of Korean they knew to order. Within maybe 10 minutes of failing to order we decided to call my sisters homestay mom and she ordered for us. Not sure what she ordered but it was DELICIOUS!!

We also spent a lot of time on the subway going back and forth to different places. Most of the time it was to Myeong-Dong  and other places where they had underground malls. We ate street food and did a whole lot of shopping and came back with lots of socks and jackets. I think going to these shopping malls and buying their sales is one of the things we miss the most. Its amazing what you can find for such a reasonable price. My mom had to buy two more suitcases just to bring back all the things she bought! She still regrets not getting a third.

Of course we also booked a DMZ and JSA tour. No one goes to South Korea (or North Korea) and not do a DMZ tour. It was an unforgettable experience and I recommend everyone do it. Not sure how intense it may be now with both Koreas making amends. I still recommend it.:) Its takes about half the day but its truly worth it and they give you lunch!

Despite the cold weather, we enjoyed the ease of transportation, the people, the food and the shopping malls. It was our first trip with just us girls and we can’t wait to do it again! There is so much to discover in this world and each country has its own beauty and uniqueness to offer.

I definitely plan on going back! South Korea will always have a little piece of my heart. ❤

“Theres the whole world at your feet.” – Mary Poppins