From SoCal to UTAH??

From SoCal to UTAH??

About a month ago my husband and I moved to Utah. It was due to my husbands work and obviously when he first gave me the news I was not happy.

Initially for about the first month after he told me we would be moving to Utah I couldn’t even bare the thought of living in another state, away from all of my family and friends with people I don’t even know and who possibly share different ways of thinking. I was definitely not on board. I was angry and a bit unreasonable. I don’t like to admit but when he went to the job interview I was kind of hoping he didn’t get it so we can stay in California.

When my husband got the call to be offered the job I was in such denial and disbelief. I felt sick to my stomach because I did not think we would ever have to leave our home, let alone my family whom I have always been so lose to. All those game nights with my cousins and trips to LA and the thought of not having all the fun and exciting things just an hour drive away made me really depressed. I did not think it would affect me that much. My husband was trying hard not to make me feel worst than I already did but he also felt like this was a great opportunity and when we had talked about it before he applied I told him that if he gets the job I would see it as a sign that we need to move forward. Of course I did not think it would actually happen so soon!

So because I recognized that wishing your husband doesn’t get a promotion is a bit selfish I decided to go with him to Salt Lake City for two weeks and check it out. I knew I needed to give it a chance and be open minded, just like I was taught to do.

I really enjoyed my two weeks in SLC and realized it wasn’t so bad. Still I couldn’t help but think of all I was leaving behind. After much deliberation and prayer I felt like moving to another state would be good for us. I knew I needed to learn to be more independent and maybe having some real alone time wouldn’t be so bad.

I took advantage of the two weeks I was in Salt Lake to look for housing. Back in CA we owned our home and put it up for rent when we knew we would be moving. I had been living with my parents for a few weeks and wanted to find my own place asap. don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my family, but once you’ve lived alone and settled your own lifestyle, its hard to go back to your family home and share the same stresses and rules. Also my dog was really missing his yard and that made me even more anxious to hurry up and find a place.

When looking for a place to rent it was very difficult to find a place that would let me bring my great dane. I was starting to get anxious and worried I would have to be apart from my husband until we found a house. Luckily after the first week of fails we found a house who was renting the top and basement separately. The basement had the bigger yard and the lower rent so we accepted it right away. It was too good to be true. Of course all good things come with a  price. The owners are planning to tear everything down so the lease is only for 10 months. But that gives us enough time to find another place, hopefully we can find something as great as this one.

So far its been pretty fun and relaxing being in Utah. I have had lots of free time and used it to settle into my home. Apply for loads of jobs. Start this blog and spend some quality time with my doggo. Ive had time to get to know myself better and what my passions are. The people here have been super friendly and our upstairs neighbors and their kids are great. I did come here feeling like it was what the universe and heavenly father wanted so I’m glad to see that its been nothing but positive experiences.

I do miss my family and friends but now that I have moved out of state they are all excited to have some place to visit. I think I was meant to come here for something great. Not sure if its because Utah needs me to be here or I need to be here. All I know is that the future looks super bright and I’m really excited to see where the winds takes us next.





Our yard 🙂

He is so happy in his new home!



“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney