California Love

California Love

So Lancaster,CA…Many people don’t know where the heck that is and those who know probably don’t want to have anything to do with it. -_-

Its a growing city north of Los Angeles county. Its literally at the border of Kern and Los Angeles county. Growing up there back in the 90’s was very relaxed and crime was not as common as it is now. I used to live right across the street from my cousins house and we used to play outside every single day with all the neighbor kids. Those were definitely the days.  Getting home from school, eat, rush through homework and go outside until the sunsets or until we all heard our moms calling out our names. Lancaster used to be considered a town now its a growing city. With loads of small businesses and a growing population.

Growing up within an hour – hour and a half from the nearest beach and downtown LA and all the theme parks. It was definitely awesome. 😎

Going to the beach was not something we did a whole lot of, but when we did it was always super relaxing and I always felt a sense of gratitude for living so close to the beach. My favorite were the beaches south of Los Angeles county.  Orange County (AKA “The O.C.”) had some really nice beaches with parks and amenities such as fire pits and BBQ areas. Unfortunately I never got to visit any of the beaches north of Ventura county.  Ive added that to my to-do list.

I think my families favorite thing do to was go to theme parks. We did them all, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and of course Disneyland. Those were like the top three. There is so many things you can do and see. I absolutely loved it! Walking down Hollywood Blvd and being part of a live studio audience for a TV show at the WB studios was also a very fun and a unique experience. I definitely recommend it if you’re ever visiting the area.

I do have to admit. Even though going to all these places and having them so close by was  a blessing. Nothing compared to taking our random 6 hour trips to San Francisco. For some reason almost every time we went it was always a spontaneous trip. Last time we went with my family we all thought we were going to Ventura Beach and my dad just kept on driving and eventually told us we were on our way to San Francisco. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

California is such a beautiful and amazing place. I would not trade growing up in this amazing state for anything in the world. ❤

“Adventure is out there.” — Up