The missing Link

The missing Link

So as some might have read My husband and I don’t have any children, YET. We do however have a doggy whom we (mostly I) consider our child. He was a gift to me from my husband for our 6 year boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary. 😛

I had always wanted a dog but my husband was always hesitant to get me one because he didn’t want me to have a dog inside our house. For the last 5-6 years before we got married I had a dog named Morris. He was more of a family dog than mine but he slept with me and hung out with me and I took care of him so I guess you could say he was mostly mine. 😉

Once I got married my husband didn’t like the idea of him sleeping in our bed so he had to start sleeping with my sisters. It was heartbreaking. He eventually got used to it and now he’s my sisters dog.

Thats Morris ^^^^

Few years later we bought a house and it felt so lonely. I was depressed on many levels. One because at the time I didn’t really have a job since we had just moved back to my home town from Northridge and I loved my job in Northridge. I was also going through a tough time dealing with my PCOS again.

Summer time came and my husband had been asking too many dog questions. ‘what kind of dog would you like to have if we ever got one?’ ‘would you be ok with leaving him outside?’ (that was always a NO). Then one day he asked if I wanted visit my parents who were literally a 30 second drive from us.

When I got there I noticed everyone had a suspicious look on their face. I went straight to carry and cuddle Morris when I turn around and there is my husband holding a black great dane puppy. I LOST IT.


After almost two days of deliberating and with the help of the awesome young lady from PetSmart, we named this beautiful canine Link. Its been two years and He has brought so much joy into our lives. He’s also the cause of some great friendships that were started at the dog park. I owe this dog a lot of myself. Especially my sanity. He has made life so much more bearable and with a simple wag from his tail and his cuddles all my problems melt away. ❤ He’s such good boy! =)

P.S. Yes the name Link came from Legend of Zelda. =D

“Everybody knows a dogs best friend is his human.” -Trusty (Lady and the Tramp)