When we all thought the world was going to end, mine was just beginning. This is the year that I and the man who swept me off my feet waited 1 long year for.

For some a year may seem like a short amount of time but that’s nothing when you hear we only dated for three weeks! 😅

Met in 2009 and didn’t confess my love to him until 2011. (Yes I had to confess first, in the form of a letter of course cause I was too chicken to say it to his face). I didn’t initially like him like that. It wasn’t until I hadn’t seen him for about a year and few months later that I felt a little too happy to meet him again. 🤔 Interestingly enough I ended up confessing my feelings to his face anyway when he asked me to read the letter to him. You can only imagine how embarrassed and nervous I was. He was not suppose to know about the contents of that letter until he was on a plane back home to Spain (which is where his family was living at the time.) I assumed we’d never see each other again and he came to my house the day before I was suppose to take him to the airport (how that arrangement happened is a whole other story) to break my heart and tell me it wouldn’t work. He would be in another country and neither of us were fans of long distance relationships. Little did I know his feelings for me were just as strong , probably maybe even stronger than mine when he also confessed and told me he loved me. 😱 After that we spent the rest of the night talking and he told me stories about his time in California and we never really talked about what would happen to us, it was as if we already knew things would work out.

And they did! One year and a trip to Canary Islands and Dominican Republic later he was back in the U.S and ready to become Mr. & Mrs. Awesome! 😉😎

“Deep in my soul I know that I’m your destiny.”

– Mulan