Kitchen Adventures!

So for the last six months, since Ive moved to Utah and been at home all day, Ive found a new love in my life; making food! Ive always liked to cook, back home whenever I would have time after I got home from work Id plan an awesome meal. I also liked feeding my […]

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We turned 29!

So this year, 2019. Is a year that marks my husband, mine and most of my friends last year in our 20’s!! To tell you the truth, I never really thought about my age until I turned 28. I realized that I was only TWO years away from reaching another decade. Not just any decade, […]

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Road Trip!

So about two years ago my husband and I along with some friends decided to take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. The only thing is that we couldn’t fly there for a free reasons, the first was because we had a friend with us who couldn’t fly and second it was mega expensive! I don’t […]

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Valentines Day ❤️

Its that time of year again, whether you’re spending it with someone special or going solo, its a holiday that brings great emotion and expectations. If you’re single its usually a day that you sit at home thinking either about how sad your single life is, posting stuff on snap chat and facebook about how […]

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I’m Back!

Sorry that I have not been very diligent with my posting. I know theres only like 4 of your that read my blog anyway, but regardless, I promised myself that I would be more responsible and diligent with the things I do this year. I said I’d post every Monday and thats what I’ll do. […]

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Hello wordpress peeps!! So I had my book launch last night and it went pretty well if you ask me. 😉 I was able to talk a little bit about my book and what’s its about, as well as answer questions and interact with my peeps. So im doing a giveaway in the next 7 […]


I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

HELLO WORLD! My book is officially available on Amazon for purchase! YAY I will be hosting a virtual book launch on Facebook on January 23rd from 9pm-10pm MST. I will be giving away three copies of my book to three lucky people! Come join me in exploring more behind what inspired me to write this […]

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